Rate Schedule 6 - P.S.C. Schedule Number 6, Agricultural Water Pumping * see note below

Monthly Availability Charge $50.00
Monthly Horsepower Charge $5.53 per horsepower
KWh Charge $0.08049 per kWh
Incentive Payment $16.73 per horsepower per year

*If you are currently bound by an agreement for electric service you must choose Rate Schedule No. 6.  (An agreement for electric service is made when you originally apply for service and normally covers a period of 3 to 5 years.)

Rate Schedule 7

Monthly Availability Charge $50.00
KWh Charge $0.17909 per kWh
Incentive Payment $0.02176 kWh


Please indicate below the rate you wish to receive service for the 2024 irrigation season.  Please complete this form before May 10, 2024.

Choose the P.S.C. Schedule you wish to receive service under for 2024.  

Schedule 6 is usually the best choice for irrigating rice.  

Schedule 7 is usually the best choice for irrigating row crops.  


Controlled Agricultural Water Pumping Agreement

This Agreement made between the member irrigator named below (hereinafter called “Consumer”) and C & L ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE CORPORATION, (hereinafter called the “Cooperative”), witnessed the following agreement:

Cooperative offers an optional agricultural water pumping service to provide remote control by Cooperative of Consumer’s water pumping unit for 2 ½ hour time periods to reduce the load of Cooperative’s facilities during time of peak load conditions.

The remote control of Consumer’s pumping unit will be accomplished by the use of a radio or another type of control switch which will be placed on said unit.

  1. Cooperative shall, at its expense, supply, install and maintain on Consumer’s pumping unit with a radio activated or other type control switch on the Consumer’s existing motor controller.  The controller must have a functioning magnetic starter with the necessary control wiring, terminal blocks, control switches and other devices required for remote operation of the unit.  The installation of any time delay relays or other devices to permit automatic restart of the unit is the responsibility of the Consumer.
  2. Consumer agrees to allow Cooperative to control his pumping unit as outlined in the rate schedule for the term of this Agreement.
  3. In the event the Consumer is not the owner of the farm of the pumping unit, the consumer shall furnish the Cooperative written consent of the owner of said farm or unit for the installation of the remote control device.
  4. Consumer agrees to promptly notify the Cooperative of the removal, replacement and/or damage to the pumping unit or the remote control device.  All notices hereunder shall be given to the office of the Cooperative set forth below.
  5. Consumer agrees that it is impossible for the Cooperative to know when a malfunction occurs in the consumer’s pumping unit and/or the Cooperative’s remote control device.  Therefore, Consumer (and owner) agrees that the Cooperative shall not be responsible for or liable to the Consumer (and owner) for any damages caused by interruptions or irregularities in the supply of electric service to the Consumer due to an Act of God or public authority, or because of accident, neglect or intentional acts or the owner, Consumer, or third persons, equipment malfunctions of any type, or any other cause except only those losses caused by gross negligence or intentional acts of agents or employees of the Cooperative.

    Should any malfunction or suspected malfunction of the Cooperative’s remote control device occur, the consumer agrees to notify the Cooperative immediately upon discovery.
  6. This constitutes the entire and only agreement between the parties hereto with reference to the subject matter of load control and supersedes all previous understandings whether written or oral.