Additional safety and convenience for your home, farm or business

C & L Electric Cooperative may have the answer to provide additional safety and convenience for your home, farm or business - Automatic Security Lighting.

  • Low cost - You can protect your home and property for very little money. A 73-watt LED light is only $8.39 per month plus taxes and applicable adjustments. Other security light models are also available.
  • The monthly rental charge includes all electricity needed to operate the light.
  • Free bulb replacement and maintenance - No need to wonder how to reach the bulb to change it. C & L personnel will replace bulbs and make the necessary repairs.
  • No light switch to remember - The automatic eye tells the light to come on at dusk and to go off at dawn.
  • Safe and secure - A security light gives you the peace of mind that comes with a bright, dependable light. Consider it a silent sentry watching over your home and property.

Download the Outdoor Security Light Agreement.

Download requires a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat to review.

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