Additional safety and convenience for your home, farm or business

C & L Electric Cooperative may have the answer to provide additional safety and convenience for your home, farm or business - Automatic Security Lighting.

  • Low cost - You can protect your home and property for very little money. A 73-watt LED light is only $8.46 per month plus taxes and applicable adjustments. Other security light models are also available.
  • The monthly rental charge includes all electricity needed to operate the light.
  • Free bulb replacement and maintenance - No need to wonder how to reach the bulb to change it. C & L personnel will replace bulbs and make the necessary repairs.
  • No light switch to remember - The automatic eye tells the light to come on at dusk and to go off at dawn.
  • Safe and secure - A security light gives you the peace of mind that comes with a bright, dependable light. Consider it a silent sentry watching over your home and property.

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Outdoor Lighting Lease Agreement Online Application

1. The Cooperative will furnish and install at no expense to the member the outdoor lighting unit(s) described below on a pole not less than 25 feet in length to be located more than 150 feet from their existing power lines or on an existing pole of the Cooperative’s at a location agreeable to both parties; will provide electrical circuit to the unit and furnish electricity to be used by a lamp in the unit which shall be controlled by a photo-electric switch.
2. The Cooperative will maintain the lighting unit and replace the light at no expense to the member within a reasonable period after the Cooperative has been officially notified by the member of needed maintenance to the unit.
3. The member hereby agrees to furnish location for the unit; to permit the trimming of trees and shrubs necessary for installing conductors and the lighting unit and will pay for the foregoing service at the latest rate approved by the Arkansas Public Service Commission (plus tax per month, per lighting unit), billed separately from member's other electric meter(s). It is further agreed that should the location of said unit mutually agreed to by both parties be in excess of 150 feet from the existing power line and require the installation of additional poles, the Cooperative will extend its secondary conductor including poles, guys and anchors, etc., where needed for an additional ONE TIME contribution in aid of construction equal to the value of the additional facilities. All installed facilities remain the property of the Cooperative.
4. The member further agrees that the unit, together with poles and conductors may be removed from the member's premises at any time by the Cooperative upon failure of member to pay charge for unit as set forth in Section 3 above.
5. Further, the member agrees to protect the unit from damage as far as said member is able.
6. It is mutually agreed that the unit as installed remains the property of the Cooperative and will be removed at the request of the member upon the anniversary date of this agreement in any year. The minimum such period shall be the contract period, for which member agrees to pay as set forth herein.
7. It is further stipulated and mutually agreed that after the lighting unit is installed as set forth above, it will not be altered or relocated by the Cooperative unless the entire cost of the alteration or relocation is paid by the member, said cost to be the cost of retirement plus the cost of construction, less the current value Of salvageable materials.
8. Member agrees that the Cooperative may discontinue all outdoor lighting service provided hereunder and this contract becomes null and void should excessive vandalism occur to equipment shown above. Excessive shall be defined as damage to any part of the outdoor lighting service installed that occurs more frequently than one time during a 12-month period.
9. The monthly KWH for each 73-watt bulb used in determining adjustments which are based on KWH, will be 29 KWH and 53 KWH for 129-watt bulbs
10. Member agrees to pay monthly charge equal to the single-phase availability charge in addition to the monthly outdoor lighting charge if transformer installation is required. The transformer charge allows installation of one or more outdoor lights.

11. The type and number of lamps to be installed hereunder and the monthly charge including electric energy shall be as follows:

**Plus, cost of debt adjustment, cost of energy adjustment, and all applicable taxes**

The acceptance of this application by the Cooperative shall constitute an agreement between the Applicant and the Cooperative, and the contract for electric service shall continue in force from the date service is made available by the Cooperative to the Applicant, and thereafter until cancelled by notice given by either party to the other. Everything the AppIicant has stated in this application is correct to the best of their knowledge. The Applicant understands that the Cooperative will retain this Application whether it is approved. The Cooperative is authorized to check the Applicant's credit and to answer questions about the Cooperative's credit experience with the Applicant.

Outdoor Lighting Agreement August 17, 2023    

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