Stay in Control of your monthly bills.

If your use of electricity varies a great deal from month to month or from season to season, your electric bill will also vary a great deal. If this puts a strain on your household budget, or if you would prefer to pay approximately the same every month, you may want to sign up for Levelized Billing.

With Levelized Billing, the amount of your bill will be based on the average amount actually owed during the most recent twelve months, plus one-twelfth of the balance owed or credited. In other words, the amount you pay will be an average of your past twelve month's actual bills.

This means you will not pay the exact same amount every month, but it will be close to the same. Some months the amount you actually owe will be more than the average, some months it will be less. By the end of the year, you will have paid what you actually owe, but some months you will have paid more, and some months you will have paid less.

Levelized Billing Requirements

• Must be paid by the due date
• At least 12 months of billing history

Download Levelized Billing Application   

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