Your Energy Bill Explained

Example Bill from C & L Electric

A. Account Number – each customer has a unique account number. If you have multiple meters, each will have a unique account number.

B. Net Amount Due – The total amount to be paid.

C. Past Due After – The last day to pay the amount due before the late charge is added and a delinquent notice is printed.

D. Amount After Past Due Date – The total amount to pay, including late payment fees, if bill is paid after the due date.

E. Meter Details – This includes the meter number for this account, readings and reading dates, and the total Kilowatt-hour usage.

F. Message Center – Reminders or other messages of interest appear here.

G. Previous Account Activity – This includes the total due last month, any payments / adjustments since last billing and any balance forward.

H. Billing Details

a. Service Availability – Recovers a portion of the fixed costs for having electricity available at this location. (Poles, wires, transformers, etc.)

b. Energy Charge – Kilowatt-hour (kWh) used this billing period calculated at the base rate per kWh. Base rates do not include fluctuations in the cost of power generation fuels or interest on long term debt. These costs, whether high or low, are recovered on separate lines as noted below.

c. Fuel Cost of Adjustment and TO/RTO Rider – A portion of the cost of fuel for power generation not recovered in the energy charge. This fluctuates monthly.

d. Cost of Debt Adjustment – A portion of interest costs not recovered in the energy charge. This fluctuates quarterly.

e. Taxes – At the rate applicable for the meter location. May include State, County, City or Franchise.


I. Current Charges – Total of all charges for the current month.