Frequently Asked Questions

The convenience fee is a fee that is charged by the company that processes the online and pay-by-phone transactions for C&L Electric Cooperative.


Credit/Debit card and pay-by-phone payments are posted to your account within seconds of you completing the transaction.

At this time, credit/debit card payments can only be processed by our internet website or pay-by-phone. Credit/debit payments cannot be made in person.

You can take steps today to help us restore your power more quickly the next time you have an outage.   If you call to report a power outage, your call is usually answered by our Star City office. However, if you call after working hours or in the case of a widespread outage, you will be connected to our cooperative response center. Our cooperative response center is designed to handle the large volume of calls that occur during a widespread outage, which allows us to help you faster during an outage. When your call is answered, you’ll be asked for your phone number which is used to look up your account record. Your account record is verified against your 911 address and entered into our computer system which sorts outage calls by location. This frees up our dispatchers to assist service personnel in locating the source of the outage and helps us restore your power more quickly! Many of you have a different phone number than when you first became a C & L customer. To locate your account quickly in the case of an outage, we need your current phone number and 911 address.