Why is there a convenience fee charged in addition to my bill amount when paying by credit/debit card and pay-by-phone?

The convenience fee is a fee that is charged by the company that processes the online and pay-by-phone transactions for C&L Electric Cooperative.

How soon after I make payment will it be reflected on my account?

Credit/Debit card and pay-by-phone payments are posted to your account within seconds of you completing the transaction.

Are credit/debit card payments received in any of the C&L Electric Cooperative offices?

At this time, credit/debit card payments can only be processed by our internet website or pay-by-phone. Credit/debit payments cannot be made in person.

Why is it important to update my member information?

It is essential to have an updated phone number on file to expedite power restoration during an outage. When you report an outage, we use your phone number to identify your account and verify your 911 address. This information is then entered into our computer system, allowing dispatchers to assist service personnel in locating the source of the outage. By updating your phone number, you can help us restore power more quickly and efficiently. Therefore, we urge you to take a moment today to ensure that your contact information is up-to-date.

The best time to update your phone number with us is BEFORE a power outage.

Update your information quickly and easily at www.clelectric.com/update-member-info, or call us at (870) 628-4221.